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Johnny Butts is a native of Cape Breton Island and he has the warm, rich vocal ability associated with so many of the island's other artists.

In his first album release, many of the songs relate to growing up in less than ideal circumstances and struggling to survive. Born in Glace Bay, Johnny’s talent was recognized from a very young age and he was a popular performer during his boyhood years.

Like so many of the people from the east coast, Johnny left his home as a young man in search of opportunity and ultimately, formed his own successful business in Ontario. Never having abandoned his music, however, he is a popular entertainer at a variety of venues in southern Ontario. Despite his Ontario successes, he still lives by the credo that “home is where the heart is” and his heart is still very much in the Maritimes. He is now returning to his roots with "Cape Breton Calling," an album rich in variety, styles and memorable lyrics.

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